What's Next in Education, Training and Skills Development

The 2020 Conference Is Comprised of Three Important Learning Sectors:

Online learning professionals involved with colleges and universities.

Online learning professionals involved with high schools.

L&D professionals involved with organizational learning and training.

Welcome to the 2020 Learning & Training Conference

The Learning & Training Conference 2020 is a unique virtual event that connects organizations with senior decision makers in corporate learning, training and development and academic online learning.


The emergence of new technology has created a paradigm shift in the way we learn — both in educational institutions and in private and public-sector workplaces. While technology-enabled learning has created some new challenges, it has also opened up unprecedented opportunities that the learning, training and development sector can tap into.

As we start a new decade of technology-enabled learning that continues to shape how and where we learn, the 2020 Conference will help secondary, post-secondary and corporate L&D professionals understand:

  • How the emergence of new technology will shape their learning experience;

  • Prepare them to respond effectively to emerging challenges; and

  • Explore opportunities in the training, development and online-learning sectors.

This unique conference is for the entire learning sector and poses excellent opportunities for you to connect with senior decision makers involved in corporate learning, training and development and academic online learning. Attend the 2020 Conference and learn how to thrive in what could be the learning sector’s most exciting time.

The Learning & Training Conference

November 3 - 4, 2020

Virtual Event

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